A multitude travel bloggers have, as their main subject, Thailand. And for good reason!
The Kingdom of Siam remains one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

Between its thousand-year-old culture, magical landscapes, bubbling local life, quality of life, and its gastronomy, it is, unsurprisingly, among the best in the world … No wonder there are so many “TravelBloggers ” or ” Vloggers ” who are interested in writing about this destination and wish to share, with their followers, their experiences of life in contact with this country and its people and their astonishing peculiarities.

These travel blogs – originally ‘digital diaries’ where people recounted his/her journey from day-to-day for the pleasure of sharing their adventures – have been transformed, little by little, into authentic travel guides with a multitude of advice, information and links that perpetuate and maintain the simultaneous connection between Vloggers and their followers. Gradually, these blogs have become professional, they have become more specialised, sharp and capable of providing a wealth of information previously unheard of.

Each of these Travel Blogs goes with its approach, its observations, its knowledge and its learning … The authors of these new vectors of communication have become witnesses of our time (as well as real celebrities) with a good profile. Distinct: generally, young, active, resourceful, but above all, knowledgeable about the workings of social networks and how to develop in order to bring together large communities that sometimes count hundreds of thousands of hard-working members.

Obviously, very quickly, this phenomenon has interested many advertisers, always looking for new vectors of promotion, and who immediately understood the potential for advertising, thanks to investments of products and invitations to hotels in exchange for favourable posts, becoming real financial stakes.

Each of these Travel Bloggers has their own favourite theme: eco-tourism, animal welfare, cooking, monuments, family trips, backpacker approaches , the discovery of a city / region / country, the tour of world without significant money, travelling alone, the “Slow Travel ” (discovering a place in depth by taking time, while offering a return to the sources and a certain simplicity to better understand the realities of the world, people and the world and surrounding environment).

The Travels Bloggers have many and different distribution channels: the website, of course, where they focus their critical information and sometimes sell services, a string “YouTube” where they broadcast mini movies mounted in a very professional manner, and also, of course, an account with ” Instagram “, the ideal social network because its use remains simple, visual and able to create a fast emotional impact. It is an especially great way to discover new places around the world. Whether you’re a photographer, blogger or simply an amateur who can tell a story and wants to share his experience … everyone can create an account, the ultimate goal (like a ” Travel Blog”) is to create desire and envy (through galleries of photos or videos), but also to escape.

The Kingdom of Siam has, of course, not escaped this mass phenomenon. It is one of the countries with the largest number of travel blogs. Great photos, articles, news, facts, videos, chronicles, interviews … This destination is a jewel for “Travels Bloggers” who delight in publishing an uninterrupted stream of content in order to to make people want to pack their bags and go to Thailand.


Here is a selection of the 20 most influential Instagram accounts:

1. @natgeotravel — 22,5 million followers

2. @beautifuldestinations – 10,7 million followers

3. @muradosmann — 4,5 million followers

4. @tuulavintage – 2,6 million followers

5. @travelandleisure — 3,3 million followers

6. @chrisburkard — 2,9 million followers

7. @airbnb — 2,9 million followers

8. @cntraveler — 1,5 million followers

9. @lonelyplanet — 1,7 million followers

10. @passionpassport — 915k followers

11. @theblondeabroad — 491k followers

12. @michaelchristopherbrown — 488k followers

13. @ovunno — 416k followers

14. @onemileatatime — 86,8k followers

15. @girleatworld — 398k followers

16. @lostleblanc — 248k followers

17. @jamesasquithtravel — 239k followers

18. @joaocajuda — 220k followers

19. @fromwhereidrone — 172k followers

20. @chaiwalla — 168k followers

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