Are you tired of grey days that sap your morale, the cold that numbs your body, traffic jams that never end, work that weighs you down? You want sun, white sand beaches, a total change of scenery and an exotic location.   There is one certain remedy: Thailand!

The mere mention of the word immediately provokes, for many, a sensation of well-being.  Between dream and escape, this is a destination that can provide many surprises for those who wish to see, listen to and soak up the charms and mysteries of the Kingdom.  If there is one country that brings together many superlatives, it is this one.

Thailand almost never disappoints and, in fact, more often tends to exceed all of our expectations.  It is, above all, the Land of Smiles, a place that knows how to combine hospitality and the sweetness of life.

The most popular destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand offers an incredible range of tourism and, for the people who want to live here, great infrastructure, an incomparable quality of life, a rich and varied culture, breathtaking landscapes, a mild climate, a unique geographical situation and kind and tolerant people.

It is ideal as a first trip to Asia, whether as a couple, with friends or alone. Once you have tasted the delights and the sweetness of life of this country, you will want to go back.  See you there !

Here are 10 good reasons why you should discover Thailand:


Thai culture is incredibly rich! Deeply rooted in ancient historical and religious traditions including Buddhism, it has a strong ancestry seen in the way of life of the inhabitants of this country, as believing and superstitious a people if ever there was one.

The way of thinking, habitual behaviour and certain spiritual practices of the Thais may, perhaps, seem a little strange to you at first glance.  But, by becoming aware of the rites and traditions of this country, you will better perceive the strength, diversity, beauty and unity of this Kingdom.

One of the most fundamental things to understand is that this country has always boasted of never being colonised during its long history. There are, however, several Thailands, all physically and culturally different.

However, from one end to the other of her land, one finds the same national qualities: a strong identity, a country with developed arts, a culture and even a proper alphabet,  a sharp sense of social convention, politeness and a lot of modesty too and calm and dignity.  A strong religiousness and, together, a virtual veneration for her Royal Family, elected from God.

Finally, there is humour and a strong appetite for everything, pleasures, especially.   Thai Epicureans are always ready to party, to eat and drink well!


When travelling to Thailand for the first time, one is struck immediately by the richness and diversity of places and panoramas available.   Between the rice fields and tea plantations of the North, national parks, waterfalls and other natural pools, or the beautiful beaches of the South, one thing is certain, nature lovers will be spoiled for choice.  By venturing through the Kingdom you will have the chance to discover in detail this wonderful country with contrasting riches, whose beauty and landscapes will often leave you speechless.

The country is divided into 5 main areas

  • The North is mountainous, where the temperate climate encourages the culture and the fishing, recognised for its art and the richness of its culture (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Sukhothai to name but a few places).
  • The North-East has a vast plateau bordered by the mighty Mekong river in the east, is the most arid and also poorest region of the Kingdom, but is also one of the most populated, wild and preserved with its Isaan culture (Buriram, NakhonRatchasima, KhaoYai National Park are a few places).
  • The Central Plain has rice granaries, fine sand orchards, favourite seaside resorts (Pattaya, Hua Hin), incomparable historical sites (Ayutthaya, Lopburi), but above all is the economic heart of the country, with Bangkok, the capital city, sprawling, fascinating and endlessly exciting with more than 9 million inhabitants.
  • The West, where varied and diversified relief conceals the remains of a painful past, but also the largest forest area in Thailand (Kanchanaburi, ChaloemRattanakosin National Parks, Sai Yok, Erawan).
  • The Southern peninsular where the seaside resorts gradually supplant traditional activities and offers beautiful beaches and paradise islands (among the best known are Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Tan, Phi Phi Phi, Surin and the Similan Islands).


Compared to the West the cost of living in Thailand is very affordable and is generally (on average) up to four times lower.  All you need to know is how much a local meal is worth: just a few Euros are needed to revel in the delicious Street Food served from a stall or motorbike cart, often in the middle of the street.  You will also find, where appropriate, remarkably good accommodation at competitive rates (especially in the low tourist season).

Of course, depending on where you are, a certain disparity persists between tourist areas and the more remote and less travelled areas.  Nevertheless, the Kingdom of Siam (its name was changed to Thailand in 1948) remains incredibly attractive and the quality of life, far superior to some of our own western countries.

One of the strengths of Thailand is to have been responsive and able to adapt to the demands of a very competitive and ever-changing tourist sector, whilst at the same time catering to all budgets and tastes of visitors.


Thailand is known for the relative mildness of its tropical climate.  It’s generally hot all year round.  With temperatures approaching 28 °C, the Kingdom enchants many westerners.  What a joy to be able to spend the winter in the sun, whilst others are cold and depressed under blanket grey skies!

For most travellers, the climate and the almost permanent sun that shines over Thailand give the impression of being on holiday continuously and can remove a good deal of stress at the same time as giving batteries a thorough recharging.

There are three principal seasons

  • Wet Season (or Rainy Season) – May to October
  • Cool Season (or Temperate Season) – November to February
  • Hot Season (or Dry Season) – March to May

Unsurprisingly, depending on the geographical area (between the north and south of the country), there are some notable differences in terms of temperatures and seasons.


The quality of infrastructure in Thailand, whether it be transportation or health for example, is remarkable in every respect.  When you are in the country and you want to circulate or escape, you will be spoiled for choice: plane, boat, train, bus, car or motorcycle … Thailand has a modern transport network , well-developed and complete.

With regard to health, the country has no reason to envy the west, indeed, it offers quality medicine and access to fast care with first-rate resources, equipped with the most advanced technologies that meet Western standards.  The many Thai doctors, specialists and surgeons who work in the hospitals are, for the most part, English-speaking and have studied in the best American or European universities.


Thailand’s geographical location is a definite advantage for both holidaymakers and expatriates alike who are easily, quickly and cheaply able to explore neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, even Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Bali or Japan. The Kingdom of Siam thanks to its central position, is a real gateway to Asia.


Thailand is heaven and a delight for all shopping lovers!  Indeed, the country abounds with typical markets, small shops and stalls where you can find everything. Clothing, handicrafts, fruits, vegetables, culinary specialties, spices, decorative objects, accessories, furniture, jewellery etc and unbeatable prices.  In the tourist areas (Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and so forth), huge shopping malls vie with each other through beautiful and sometimes gigantic buildings, luxury stores and eating venues to satisfy all manner of cravings and follies (Siam ParagonMBK Center , Central World , Samui Central Festival ).

In such luxury and opulent malls you will find top designer brands as well as sports cars, Food Centres hosting a multitude of tasty fare from all over the world, high tech cinema complexes, telephony shops as well as office and computer equipment all under one trendy roof. In fact, some of these malls are so big (especially those in Bangkok) that it’s easy to spend the whole day there!


The Land of Smiles is not only famous for its landscapes, temples and its quality of life, it is also (and especially) well known for its cuisine!

Thai gastronomy is at the heart of and reflects the image of the Kingdom: a concentration of freshness and spices, flavours and timeless smells, recognisable to all!  Here, the food, but also the drinks are an exciting mix of influences between East and West, combined in a single Thai entity.  To taste and savour these pleasures is not only to be immersed in the history and customs of Thailand, but also to penetrate to the very heart of the nation.

When you walk along the streets of Thailand, your senses will be aroused.  You will be amazed by such rich gastronomy, with unique and spicy flavors.

Above all, when you come here, do not hesitate to stop at one of the many stalls which make up the famous street food, where you will be able to choose a succulent meal to taste, and only for a few Euros, to enjoy in all its conviviality and simplicity.

A tip. When you see a large number of Thais sitting in a local restaurant, be sure that the place is of necessary quality.


It’s very difficult to become bored in Thailand.  Indeed, in addition to its landscapes and climate, the country provides a wide range of activities which seduces an ever greater number of visitors every year.  There is something for everyone, every budget, taste and age.

Whether you’re a fan of thrills, family entertainment, cultural outings or nightlife, the Kingdom of Siam has a lot to offer those keen to sample it.  Between excursions of all kinds, water sports, outdoor activities, many spas and massages, shopping, cooking classes, detox and yoga centres, museums … and relaxation, you will have only choice and you can fulfil your desires according to your mood.


As soon as night falls, Thailand changes her face.  While some neighbourhoods come alive, others transform.  While most shops are closing, street vendors are often settling in and the neon lights of bars and nightclubs are lighting up against the backdrop of music.

It is a completely different facet of the country that we discover.  There is an incredible variety of things to do and see at night in the Kingdom: Thai or foreign restaurants, bars, pubs, discos, cabarets, night markets, massage parlors, beach clubs, concerts, theme parties … typical or modern places to enjoy as singles, couples, family or friends.

In the tourist areas of the country, even if the venue closes at 2 o’clock in the morning, there are many “Afters” who will welcome you until the end of the night or the early morning .  The famous rooftop bars that can be found, especially in Bangkok, offer beautiful venues with spectacular and breathtaking views of the Thai capital.

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